The story

It is not a barn or a construction dating from the past centuries, it is a house of the 21st century, fresh out of the ground.

This option was part of our project. Find an old house to renovate or build one. We have had a crush on this land on the Causse in the small village of Nadaillac de Rouge. Owning a Bed & Breakfast is part of those dreams that we would like to achieve one day without knowing if we will ever do it.

Well, here we are, we did it!

The house consists of two modules, a wood framed one and the other of bricks. It is  a mediterranean style clay tile roof. We wanted it to be as much ecological as possible. The insulation has been made with natural fibers (wood fiber for the walls) and cellusose blown into the attic. A 10,000 liter tank is buried in he garden to collect rainwater from the roof which is used in the toilets. Our heating system is an air-source heat pump combined with a water underfloor heating. We do not have an air conditioning system. A buffer balloon has been installed between the two guests’ washrooms to enable a quick supply of hot water and to avoid any waste of water. The floor is paved with natural stone.

We wish to offer our guests a modern, comfortable and bright accommodation in the middle of the Causse du Lot.