We want to have our ecological involvement recognized by obtaining an eco label. We have initialized the process to get the Green Key award as it is “a leadind standard of excellence in the field of a sustainable tourism.”   This involves to comply with recent environmental standards : insulation, heating system, building materials, outdoor environment, everything is reviewed and must reflect this ecological commitment. We also have an advisory role to play. We would like to explain to our guests what are our daily life :

  • waste management : composter
  • food : how I buy, what I buy
  • Avoiding food waste
  • pay attention to small actions that matter

If we offer RJ45 outlets and NO WIFI it is to stay in agreement with this eco-commitment. Don’t you think it is possible to disconnect for a few days off?

We are ready to share and exchange with our guests. We learn from one another. This is how we can change the trend. We are not perfect!

We are thinking of setting up a charging station for electric and hybrid vehicles. Another step to take!

Our electric supplier is ENERCOOP. It is one of the best supplier of renewable energy in France.

La Nef finance éthique (ethical finance) is a unique financial institution, a cooperative with strong values and convicitions : no investment in tax heavens, no speculation. It is focused exclusively on social, ecological and cultural projects (organic farming, renewable energies, social housing, entrepreneurship…). I had a financial support from La Nef to help me with the layout expenses.

The “Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie” du LOT helped me also with their “Lot Initiatives” program to obtain a loan on trust.